Bar Essentials: Ten Essential Bar Tools

The art of mixology has evolved past the first cocktails. They were believed to be enjoyed by sea captains. The first cocktails are believed to be a mixture of moonshine, citrus fruits, sugar and other spices. This was done to make the rough alcohol taste better and mostly make the rum drinkable. Well, mixology has evolved into art since then and like every form of art, it needs tools. These essential bar tools are a must-have for every bar.

Just like it is important to have the right glassware, quality bar equipment and tools are of great importance. With these essentials, you can mix most cocktails especially the classics. They are also of great importance to amateurs and professional mixologists.

Top 10 Essential Bar Tools

We have covered a wide range of cocktails, from delicious fruity cocktails made with watermelon, kiwi and oranges to vodka cocktails. All of these cocktails are impossible to make without these essentials. Here are our top 10 bar must have’s:

1.      Jiggers

Essential bar

Just in case you have read any recipe and wondered, “how am I supposed to measure these out?” Well, jiggers are the answer. This tool ensures you have the accurate measurement consistently and they are available in different volumes. The importance of jiggers cannot be overstated, but perhaps foremost is how they give you accurate measurements and accurate measurements translate to better tasting cocktails.

2.      Citrus Juicers

Essential bar tools

This tool takes the limelight in our orange cocktails. They are also important for juicing other citruses like limes and grapes for every recipe that calls for fresh citrus juices. invest in a variety of juicers including handheld, wooden or electric.

3.      Cocktail shakers

Every bar should have one or more cocktail shakers. They are of utmost importance for every cocktail that requires shaking. The boston shaker is one every good bartender should invest in. You can hear the ice breaking inside and the shound of your cocktail shaking goes from deep to high pitched when it is ready to be poured.

4.      Bar spoons

Essential bar tools -

Some cocktails are stirred rather than shaken. The bar spoon is the tool for these kinds of cocktails. Also, they are a necessity when making all forms of layered cocktails as well as when making small measurements.

5.      Cocktail strainers

“…Strain into a glass, garnish and serve” is a popular line with some shaken cocktails. If your cocktail shaker does not come with a shaker, then investing in one is a good idea. They allow drinks pass through leaving ice, muddled fruits or spices behind. A common brand among bartenders is the Hawthorne strainer which is made of high-quality steel, dishwasher safe and fits over most cocktail shakers.

6.      Muddlers

Cocktails like the mojito would be impossible without this bar tool. It breaks down fruits, herbs or spices releasing their flavours and aroma more. When purchasing a muddler, invest in a good long-handled muddler designed for easy holding. It is also important that they should be durable and dishwasher safe.

7.      Peelers

For cocktails garnished with a peel, you need a good and high-quality peeler. Also, they are useful when peeling vegetables and fruits for cocktails. Opt for a peeler with slip-proof handles to prevent accidents and a wide carbon steel blade.

8.      Zesters/graters

Yes, the grater you know and use in your kitchen. They are an important tool for zesting fruits, grating spices and making garnishes.

9.      Cocktail pourer

Like we have highlighted above, accuracy in mixology is everything. Using a cocktail pourer on bottles that do not have one ensures accurate measurement. They also help you reduce your operating cost by preventing over pouring.

10.  Bottle Openers and corkscrews

These are very important when opening bottles. They ensure you do not break bottles or corks when opening drinks. For bottle openers, invest in one that can be mounted on the wall, this would make it easy to find. Similarly, for corkscrews, look for ones with long, easy to hold handles and stainless steel tips.

Other tools like the ice moulds, ice buckets and a cutting board are important too. However, the above are ten of the most important essential bar tools you should have in both your home and professional bar. They would ensure you are making the best of your cocktail mixing efforts.

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