Workplace Anxiety: How to Cope With a New Job

We are all familiar with that simultaneous rush of excitement and worry that comes with change. With a lack of more relatable phrasing, I will term it ‘jitters’. There are so many kinds of jitters one could feel on any day. It could be your first date or your first day of college. It could even be your graduation. But one of the most dreaded kinds of anxiety is that you get from being new at work. That heavy knot in your chest as your reality catches up to you. This fresh brand of workplace anxiety is sometimes even accompanied by feelings of intimidation. But I assure you that all of this is perfectly normal.

It is only natural that you feel weird on your first day of work. Some people cave at this sudden rush of knowledge and emotion. And this is because everything from your resume submission to the final interview may have felt like a dream up until now. Just imagine your immediate shock when you suddenly meet yourself in such a novel position. Starting a new job can be strange. Merely thinking about all the names and faces of your new colleagues can make you feel uneasy. But workplace anxiety is seldom warranted. In this article, I will be discussing workplace anxiety about your new job and some of the ways that you could get through it on your own.

First Time Workplace Anxiety

To know how to deal with something, you would have to diagnose it first, right? Well, first-time workplace anxiety is not very hard to make out. This article defines workplace anxiety as “(…) stress caused by work that leads to anxiety, or the impact of an anxiety disorder at work.” What this basically tells us is that workplace anxiety could come in any number of forms. You may have had an anxiety disorder prior to starting your new job. But, you could also be having it because of anything ranging from your workload to employee relations. I will cover all of these in later articles, but right now let’s talk about the worry you feel as a recently retained employee.

Your first time at work could be anywhere between the first day and the first month. Around this time, your mind would just be getting used to the new job as your body catches up. Everything from your daily routine to social relations would feel like a task, especially with a prior disorder. Even the most sociable person will find that relating with new people on their own terms is not always so easy. Some common symptoms of workplace anxiety include the inability to concentrate, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, feelings of unexplainable dread, etc. Find out about more of the symptoms here.

How to Stay Calm When Starting a New Job

Although there are many things to worry about in your career, one of the most worrisome durations is the very beginning. It takes a bit of time to adapt during this period. But it becomes even easier when you know some of the things to do and avoid on a daily basis. Without further ado, here are a few considerations to make as you deal with workplace anxiety on your new job.

• Retain Faith in Your Work Ethic

First time workplace anxiety is due to self-doubt most times. So, you should always aspire for a strong assurance of self and find new ways to renew it. Also, give yourself the benefit of a doubt whenever you feel inadequate career-wise. You are only human and that means that mistakes are normal. Learn to welcome and learn from all of them.

• Take Some Time Alone

Anxiety is a normal part of every day but it can vary drastically. So, you should always know when to call in sick and make time for yourself. Remember that the work that your body does is only as strong as your mind. And your mind needs rest. This rest depends on the extent of your anxiety, so it’s important to introspect sometimes and try to know yourself.

• Talk to Someone If Possible

Anxiety could get so unbearable that it feels like we can’t handle it alone. That’s why friends and loved ones exist. Find someone you trust and pour your heart out to them. Anxiety could easily lead to depression if it’s not addressed, so tell a good friend how you’re feeling about your new job. And if that makes you uncomfortable, then you can get an online therapist. Here is a free Nigerian counselling website for you.

• Anxiety, Not Fact

At the end of the day, you should ascertain that only a small percentage of your worries hold water. This is a principle that you should learn to reinforce from time to time. It reminds you that a lot of your worries will either pass or aren’t even worries at all.

The human brain can be very adaptive when work is concerned. But even adaptation takes time and continual effort. So, if you ever feel like you don’t want to get up for work, just breathe and meditate. Centre your mind and before you know it you’ll be getting ready for another day! Workplace anxiety can be daunting but it’s not the only obstacle standing between you and a good job. Refer here to educate yourself on some of the hurdles you could face when applying for work.

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