How should your Vagina smell

The vagina has been called many things; pussy, coochie, flower, cat, peach and so forth. With its varying names, so are the varying opinions about what it should taste or smell like. With products both organic and synthetic that control both taste and smell, it’s important to understand what a vagina should smell like before altering it. 

Every woman’s vagina has a unique natural smell often described as “musky” or “fleshy”. This natural odour comes from the body and may change with intercourse, mensuration and intense exercise temporarily. 

When the scent changes drastically, it’s often an indication that you should see a gynaecologist. 

Now, the vagina is self-cleaning as it secretes substances that help maintain its microbial balance and PH. It contains an array of symbiotic microorganisms including fungi such as yeast that help keep the vagina clean and healthy. The microbes keep the vagina clean while the vagina provides food and a suitable PH balance for the microbes to survive.

The skin of the vagina especially the inner regions are mucosa meaning they secrete mucus like the mouth and nose. The mucosa is extremely sensitive, so here are some tips on how to care for the vagina.

  1. Do not use strong deodorants or perfumes on the inner region of the vagina as it can cause irritation or injury.
  2. Nylon underwear and tight clothes are a no-no, as the vagina needs air. Cotton is more suited for underwear material as it’s breathable and absorbs excess moisture.
  3. When you bath, use water and a soft towel with a gentle soap to wash outside the vagina. Don’t use soap on the interior as it can irritate and upset the PH balance of the vagina.
  4. Practice safe sex. During sex use protection or when not, be sure to pee after or rinse with clean water. Yeast flares are common after oral sex or sex after extended periods.
  5. Some fruits can affect the way the vagina tastes or smell. Pineapples and strawberries more than most, if consumed enough may have an effect on way it tastes or smell.
  6. Soak in vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar may help kill excess bacteria naturally and maintain PH balance. 2 cups of ACV in warm water and a 20 minutes soak might just be enough. 
  7. Personal Hygiene is important to keep the vagina nice and tidy. Changing your underwear and bathing regularly will make sure you have nothing to worry about in that regard.
  8. See a doctor for diagnosis and prescriptions when you notice changes in smell or have a constant irritation in your vag.

This tips will make sure your vagina is smelling A-okay and healthy. The body has its own unique mechanism,sometimes it can just spring up the most interesting scents.

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